Mission Statement


1. Mission Statement

Gemeinde aller Nationen – All Nations Christian Church (ANCC) is a Church made up of people of all Nations. Our desire is to experience Jesus and to see lives transformed and nations united.

1.1 Experience Jesus

We desire to experience Christ’s work of salvation and restoration into a living relationship with God.

1.2 Uniting Nations

We desire to see people of all races united in loving oneness created by Spirit of God.

1.3 Transforming lives

We desire to receive new lives and be transformed by the power of God’s New Creation.


2. Pursuance

In our changing world, people are longing for something that is durable. People are longing for lasting love, forgiveness, peace and harmony.

ANCC Münster believes that the Creator of the world is the Almighty God who revealed Himself in the Christian Bible as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We thus believe that we can experience a personal transforming faith in God and maintain a living and loving relationship with Him through his Son Jesus Christ.

ANCC Münster believe that we can live in a lasting love, forgiveness, peace and harmony which comes from God, when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives.

We want to join other Christians in the great City of Münster in providing a living witness of God’s love. We want to invite our fellow citizens to believe and put their trust in Jesus Christ whom God declared to be his Son and the Saviour of mankind.

We invite our fellow citizens to receive the New Life Christ offers and be a part of God’s New Creation through the power of the Holy Spirit.